Each player throws a skittle called "quille de main" together with a bowl, according to the diagram below.
He must hit another skittle, called 'le plomb' with a bowl.
Once he has completed the twelve figures, he counts the skittles he has knocked down.
Rue droite
For example : first game :"rue droite"
First game : Rue droite The player stands in a corner of the court in front of the skittle called "quille de main" hits it with the bowl and at the same time sends the bowl on to the skittle called "plomb".
The "quille de main" must knock other skittles down. If the bowl hits the "plomb" without going out of the court, the player gets a point ("choix" or "bon"), and can play again or "rebattre" so as to knock down as many skittles as possible (the skittles are set upright after each strike).
After each strike, the player counts the number of skittles he has knocked down.

Player ready to play

Player ready to play rue droite.


Second strike





Second Strike

The other games follow the same rules.
There are seven short games and five long ones.

Seven short games

Five long games

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